"SPORT" comes from SPORT magazine - the first general-interest sports magazine. SPORT is not only the source of our exclusive photography collection, but also the source of our inspiration...

SPORT Magazine

SPORT magazine launched in 1946, as the first-general interest sports magazine. It seized an unappreciated subject like sports and took it mainstream.

Fondly remembered today as pure Americana, SPORT was the brainchild of a small New York publisher, MacFadden Publications Inc, and became a triumph from the day its first issue hit the street with a color image of Joe DiMaggio and his son Joe, Jr. on the cover.

That inaugural edition included eight full color plates — unheard of at the time — and almost immediately SPORT rose to over a million in circulation and became half bible, half guru to a generation of men coming of age in post-war America.

In its early years, SPORT had the market for magazine-style sports journalism virtually to itself and, under founding editor Ernest Heyn, pioneered a brand of behind-the-scenes glimpses of the heroes of the day not previously attempted.Read more

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It was always inconceivable to Honus, whose baseball instinct was so natural, that anyone had to be told how to play baseball. Nobody had ever told him. You caught the ball and threw it where it was supposed to go. You hit the ball and ran like hell. You thought of the right thing to […]


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*Includes excerpts from the article “A Crazy Way to Make a Living” by Dave Anderson, as published in the March 1963 issue of SPORT Magazine. Hockey is an intense sport. As spectators we’ve become accustomed to the nature of the game itself – so much so that we soon forget the risks involved during each […]