The SPORT Gallery is a fine-art gallery and apparel boutique dedicated to showcasing and commemorating the golden era of sports. We currently have galleries in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, that allow customers to step back in time to the good old days. Our concept is built on the SPORT magazine archive, which we've brought to life through the images, pages, and covers of the historic magazines, and paired with curated vintage-inspired apparel, accessories, and gifts.

"SPORT" comes from SPORT magazine - the first general-interest sports magazine. SPORT is not only the source of our exclusive photography collection, but also the source of our inspiration...

SPORT Magazine

SPORT magazine launched in 1946, as the first-general interest sports magazine. It seized an unappreciated subject like sports and took it mainstream.

Fondly remembered today as pure Americana, SPORT was the brainchild of a small New York publisher, MacFadden Publications Inc, and became a triumph from the day its first issue hit the street with a color image of Joe DiMaggio and his son Joe, Jr. on the cover.

That inaugural edition included eight full color plates — unheard of at the time — and almost immediately SPORT rose to over a million in circulation and became half bible, half guru to a generation of men coming of age in post-war America.

In its early years, SPORT had the market for magazine-style sports journalism virtually to itself and, under founding editor Ernest Heyn, pioneered a brand of behind-the-scenes glimpses of the heroes of the day not previously attempted.Read more


Limited Edition Prints

Fine-Art photographic giclee prints culled from the SPORT magazine archive and produced in limited and open edition runs. Available unframed or framed.

Accessories & Authentic Game-Used Gifts

Vintage-inspired headwear & Tokens and Icons' cufflinks, wallets, pens, and bottle openers made from vintage stadiums and game-used balls and jerseys

Vintage-Inspired Apparel

Shirts, sweaters, and tees curated from brands across the globe for their high-end style and historic significance. Brands include 47 Brand, Mitchell & Ness, COPA Football, Red Jacket, Ebbets Field Flannels, and more.




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Published on December 20, 2014



For this upcoming winter season we have a couple new and exciting gift items for the girls. At our gallery, our selection of apparel and accessories are specially curated from brands across the globe for their high-end style and historic significance – and with our collection of ladies’ items we aim especially high to display the […]


Heads up for our new, unique barware that’s in stock just in time for the holiday season. From Tokens & Icons we have game-used 1/2 baseball AND game-used puck bottle openers. Both items are authenticated by the MLB and NHL respectively. 1/2 Baseball Bottle Opener This bottle opener is crafted from an MLB Authenticated game-used baseball. […]


Our exclusive collection from 47 Brand has started rolling in this week – and we’re excited to share the newest vintage-inspired pieces with you… So far they’ve made their way to our Toronto gallery, and they’re heading to Vancouver now, but it’ll be a few weeks til they make it to our website’s collection. The […]


Do you recognize the logo on this beautiful new cardigan? It’s the Montreal Canadiens logo from their 1910/11 season. Before Richard or Belliveau, this Cardigan represents the beginning of what would be the most winnignest team in the National Hockey League. While the leaf may remind some of the Toronto Maple Leafs – this logo, […]