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Limited Edition Fine-Art Prints from the SPORT Collection

Fine-Art photographic giclee prints culled from the SPORT magazine archive and produced in limited and open edition runs. Available unframed or framed.

SPORT Covers: Fine Art Prints on Canvas

Fine-Art photographic giclee prints culled from the SPORT magazine archive and produced in limited and open edition runs. Available unframed or framed.

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SPORT at the Distillery

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46 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3C4




SPORT at Granville Island

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105-1551 Johnston St., Vancouver, BC, V6H 3R9



The Sport Gallery New York Is Now Open!

Find us in the West Village on 8th Avenue at Jane St.

The Sport Gallery New York

The Sport Gallery New York (West Village)

SPORT in the West Village

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Mon-Fri: 11 - 6
Saturday: 11 - 7
Sunday: 11 - 6


23 8th Avenue, New York, NY, 10014



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SPORT Magazine

SPORT magazine launched in 1946, as the first-general interest sports magazine. It seized an unappreciated subject like sports and took it mainstream.

Fondly remembered today as pure Americana, SPORT was the brainchild of a small New York publisher, MacFadden Publications Inc, and became a triumph from the day its first issue hit the street with a color image of Joe DiMaggio and his son Joe, Jr. on the cover.

That inaugural edition included eight full color plates — unheard of at the time — and almost immediately SPORT rose to over a million in circulation and became half bible, half guru to a generation of men coming of age in post-war America.

In its early years, SPORT had the market for magazine-style sports journalism virtually to itself and, under founding editor Ernest Heyn, pioneered a brand of behind-the-scenes glimpses of the heroes of the day not previously attempted.Read more



The wait is finally over. Baseball is back. Though much of North America is still experiencing cold and stormy weather, Major League Baseball’s 30 teams have hit the field beneath the southern sun. Grapefruit and Cactus League ball provides some of the best scenes in sport — golden sunshine, cloudless skies, palm trees, and cozy little parks. […]

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It’s difficult to imagine how little it cost to attend a sporting event back when SPORT Magazine was in its youth. In the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, one could easily catch a World Series game for under $10. Nowadays a large latte from the local coffee shop comes close to that. Yes, inflation has to be taken […]

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It’s a big time for football right now. Well, it always seems to be a big time for football, especially when it comes to the National Football League. That’s the sort of game it is, an attention-grabbing battle between men in armour, where acrobatic grace meets sheer brutalism at full speed. Football has wrestled the title of “America’s Game” […]

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The Toronto Maple Leafs, one of hockey’s most iconic franchises, are undergoing a makeover. Instead of adopting a new look, however, the Leafs are reaching into the closet for an old favourite. They say fashion is cyclical, a notion that seems to apply to the sporting world as well. Gone is the simple 11-point leaf logo of […]