What We're Thankful For

What We're Thankful For

It's that time again... time to fill up on turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy.  Time to gather 'round with family and connect. Time to watch football!

Yes, if you're Canadian it's long over, but for those from the ol' US of A, today is the day: Thanksgiving. It's one of the best holidays; lots to chew and view, hopefully an extra day off from work, and no present-buying stress. There's nothing not to like. (I mean, speaking as a Canadian, American Thanksgiving is awful close to Christmas, when you've got to do the whole thing over again, essentially. Us folks up north have it right. But, I digress...) 

Thanksgiving is also a very important holiday because, no matter when you celebrate it, it allows for a moment to stop and think of all we have to be thankful for. Here at The SPORT Gallery, its no different. We're thankful...

For you, our customers!

You folks are the real heroes... without you we wouldn't be here, so from all of us at our galleries in Toronto, Vancouver, and Boston, thank you!

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